Saturday, August 27, 2005

Definition of Al Takya

Dedicated to "shaddow"

About five years ago, I was asked by Presbyterian Harry from
Detmold the meaning of the word "Al Takya". We were talking about my experience in Lebanon concerning co-existence. By then Germany already was under Turk ghetto pressure. Mosques were built; Muslim insisted they should be raised beside the church. Harry became a good friend and we were honest, I once told him when I came to Germany I thought: "Oh my God, one day they will outnumber you and you'll have our dilemma." People regarded me as a racist, although Islam isn't a race.

Al Takya, I promised Harry to find out what it exactly is, I was astonished because I never heard it before and it didn't show up in my Arabisch-Deutsch-Arabisch Woerterbuch from Karl Bunting, nor my Arabic-English-Arabic professional dictionary and in my Arabic-French-Arabic dictionaire from Librairie du Liban. I confused it with Takwa and then he explained to me that he had researched and it is rather "Die wahren Absichten verstecken". I sat home in front of my PC researching about it and was amazed about what I found out. My life had changed since I left
Lebanon, each day passed was tearing my heart into pieces away from home and now I began understanding the whole war. I'll never forget Harry, but lately a certain nickname "shaddow" on the FPM forum reminded me of the old days and what a manco I had in understanding the other coexistent I had.

I was writing on the FPM forum and as a reply I got the definition of Al takya I could never explain it in a better way as "shaddow":

The English language does not have a word for ATTAKYA, whereas At Takwa simply means Piety.

The closest words for ATTAKYA to put it crudely are Hypocrisy, wiliness, dishonesty, Machiavellism. Though these words have a negative connotation to them, but ATTakya itself is not necessarily regarded as unethical and often justified as a survival mechanism.

In Arabic it means exhibiting in words and in deeds the opposite of what your intentions are.

In a veiled reference to this, The Patriarch, few months back said; Betmanna Innou Siyasiyyeen Youzhrou mitl Ma byedemrou.

Not to go into any theological meanderings, with this history of religious persecution in the
Middle East, a lot of minorities developed this religious dogma Attakyya in order to save their skins. It allows its practitioner, to tell lies, to cheat without the slightest compunction. He wouldn’t even consider his dishonesty a bad thing. Take a minute and think what the word Banda'a actually means, and why it's subconsciously equated with intelligence in our society. Think of those two proverbs: Meen Ma akhad Immi Sar 3ammi And L'eed l ma feek leyha bousha wed3ee 3leyha bil Kasr. That is exactly it Bousha: an act of love, D3ee 3leyha bil kasr, an act of deceit.

The Alewites and The Druze are two of the major sects that incorporate this in these religious dogmas. Having hardly any thing in common with Islam from a theological point of view, the followers of those two sects, in order to avoid persecution at the hand of Muslims who considered them heretics, found it quite convenient to lie about their beliefs to save their skin. (Maybe now you understand the behavioural pattern of Waleed Beyk, to him survival is what matters and not ethics). The Druze for instance were incorporated under the banner of Islam by a Fatwa issued by Sheikh El Azhar and solely for political reasons. To Muslim scholars that is absolute travesty. The same goes with the Alewite whose religion incorporates Muslim, Christian, Zaradisht, even pagan rituals and beliefs. The Sun, the stars and the moon have a lot of meaning in their religion. For Muslims, that is absolute heresy and therefore they subjected them to a lot of persecution. That is why they are known as Adyan Batiniyyah and their teachings are kept well hidden from their general public. But there are all sorts of clandestine books in the Kasleek Univ Library which explains to you all their beliefs. And I tell you reading some of it makes the hair stand on your head. Absolutely frightening!

Furthermore Attakya is not strictly confined to the smaller sects. There are two verses in the Koran on which even larger Islamic sects relied upon to justify this when their person or their goods are perceived to be under threat. Many Shiite sects in history have allowed themselves so much leeway and justified it theologically. This raises the question of whether ethical values are absolute or circumstantial.

I was led to this research due to a fascination why Arabs in general and Lebanese in particular can lie so easily in their daily lives (remember these lies could be white lies, but nonetheless lies). There had to be a religious reason for it which pervaded the subconscious.

Iran admitted to the world that it had lied to the United Nations in 1992 about its nuclear program. To Iran there is nothing unethical about these lies. If Lying gives it the advantage then, at least from a religious point of view there is nothing wrong with it. In my previous posting I said my problem with Hezbollah is that of mistrust. I have no problem with what Nasrallah says. It's what is hidden in his intentions. Pure speculation on my part? Could well be.

A couple of years back there was a cleric on trial in
Indonesia for being the leader of some terrorist organisation. The cleric swore in the Koran to tell the truth and nothing but the truth but according to some weedich human right organisation spokeswoman who was operating in Indonesia at the time, the cleric lied through his teeth to hide the truth. That happened in a court of Law. How could a cleric do that after he sore on his holy book?

Mainstream Islam and Christianity have the Koran and the bible. You either agree with the available interpretations or you don’t. Other sects do not offer such transparency. For further information, there is a book written by an AUB professor and widely available in bookstores in
Lebanon. It's called Attakyya fil Islam. The implications of this dogma are enormous on the moral fabrics of society. Imagine living in a place where the Truth is always hidden from view, and things are not what they seem. How could society function when you are not sure that what I declare represent exactly what I intend?

Now to give you a practical example of Attakyya, Leaven. You being a Hezbollah supporter and alleging that you don’t know what Attakyya means is IT.

Thank you dear shaddow for sharing your knowledge.


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